How To Make Millions With Your Music Career

Every One of Us is a Singer or Musician: Ask me how? Well, I want you to know that every one of us sang our first song, the splitting second we were born.

That shrieking cry and crackle become your first HIT song! Even as we grow into adulthood our very heartbeat is our rhythm drummer, every laughter is a sound, and each step we land on the ground is an integral member of the band.

Turning Yourself from Nobody to an Almost Overnight Star Celebrity: If you religiously follow these step by step instructions below, your life long dream is probably a split second away from Stark Reality. Now get Ready and let’s Roll.

Step1: Your Voice as a Powerful Tool

To become a successful singer or musician, your vocal prowess is one of the most vital work tools. It is so unique to you only. In fact, no twin has been known ever, to have exact decibel of identical vocal sounds at least in resonance and depth.

Today, they are few vocal altering devices deployed by musicians in the recording studios due to emerging digital technology, but wise and career minded singers know better,that is often short-lived and besides, it cannot support live performances. Anything mechanical is bound to disappoint us without notice.

My Do-It-Yourself 2 Weeks Voice Training

This program is virtually available worldwide and it is exclusively distributed by music consultants. You may not find it on your own. Get excerpts from music websites online for a fee or by consulting a good music consultant.

The special package comes in a user-friendly manual; it’s worth its weight in gold as it is yours to keep forever; you will be amazed at the result. A real singer with the velvet voice is the real star. Or you can get a powerful voice trainer guide from a music consultant.

Step 2: Choosing Your Music Style

Now, let us assume you are yet unsure of your music style.It is very fundamental that you identify the genre and style you desire, and feel comfortable with, few music categories I can suggest to you are reggae, hip hop, country, makossa, soul, rock gospel/inspirational, acapella, highlife and so on.

Step 3: Showcase of What You Have

You will need to showcase what you have up your sleeve. This aspect of your initial move is essentially called the DEMO stage. The process will involve putting together a set of songs which could range from 3 to 6 songs on a standard basis.

Steps 4: Contact a Music Producer or Consultant

These people work in recording studios and they are in every nook and corner. If you do not have the nerve to write, compose and arrange your song material, you do not need to fret over this as every beginner starts from somewhere.