A Prosperity Prayer Anybody Can Use

Here's a simple truth for you: abundance and prosperity is the absolute will of God for His children. Yes, that means you and me. How do I know this?

This fact is found throughout the Scriptures, spanning centuries of testimonies as evidenced by the people who represent them. You can learn ‘healing and prosperity prayer’ (also known as ‘Oracin de Sanacin y Prosperidad’ in the Spanish language) through online blogs.

So how do I gain access to these riches you might ask. Is there a prosperity prayer I need to pray that will unlock the heavens to pour down the alleged blessings?

Before you go on your knees in prayer– know that more than the words, it's the heart that speaks to God. Understand that He desires your good fortune so do not come to Him begging for blessings.

He is more than willing to give you your needs and wants. See the world in its overflowing goodness and abundance that is designed with you in mind. Your knowledge of God's benevolent nature determines your trust in His providence.

So if God knows your needs and wants to give you abundance and prosperity, what do you need to do? Agree with the promises as stated in the Bible.

Speak out scriptures that affirm your position as a recipient of divine blessings. There is none more effective than His Own Word and this makes for a powerful prosperity prayer.

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